150-MPH Racing Lawn Mower


Its time to put some fun on your boring weekend chore with this Fire-Spitting 150-MPH Racing Lawn Mower! You’re gonna need a big back yard for this!

This baby’s engine is joined by the clutch, six-speed gearbox and the full color LCD display from the bike. Shifts are controlled through carbon-fiber paddles on the steering wheel, with the team estimating the mower reaching 90 mph in first gear.

The mower’s chassis was made from T45 steel, rather than chromoly, for durability and flexibility, given its complete lack of a suspension. The airbox is a custom 3D-printed piece as well, leaving space for the injectors, while the brakes are vented discs with four-piston Kelgate calipers at the front, and six-pistons at the rear. Hoosiers’s custom drag tires are mounted on ten-inch Goldspeed ATV wheels, anodized in gold.


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