App Enabled Immersion Cooker


Sous Vide is a method in which food is sealed in plastic, placed in water, and then gently and slowly cooked at a precise temperature. Protected from the extreme heat of an oven or flame, it results in evenly cooked beef, pork, chicken, and fish that is irresistibly tender and bursting with flavor. The Chefman App Enabled Immersion Cooker makes it easier than ever to prepare dishes that are simply the best you ever had.


Paired with the Chefman Sous Vide App, sous vide cooking couldn’t be more simple. Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can monitor your cooking from anywhere and be notified when your food is ready. Set your sous vide remotely with your mobile device or tablet, get tips, follow tutorials, temperature guides, and recipes with guided cooking to enhance the cooking experience of the everyday home chef.





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