Awesome Gifts for Beer and Wine Lovers


For a person who has it all or someone who is an avid beer and wine drinker, they need something more fun, unique , and worthy of conversation gadgets. So we put them all here to help you find gifts for beer lovers and wine lovers and put a smile on their thirsty faces.


Better TV Viewing Beer Mug


Need a refreshing Swig of beer but worried about missing a moment of TV gold? get comfy on that couch and catch all the action through this beer mug. The sloped edge gives you incredible viewing power so you never have to miss an inch of TV again. The perfect gift for serious beer lovers, sports nuts, lazy Brothers, and boozy grandmas! bottoms up! it’s always time to have a laugh with NPW whether it be a birthday, office prank, sleepover, party or just because you want a mega LOL. Npw lives and breathes cheekiness. Entertain friends with hilarious gifts and gadgets that will crack them up! there is never a dull moment with NPW in your life!.

Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug


As seen on BuzzFeed, Dude I Want That, Gadget Flow and more. It’s patent pending design allows for the sharing of liquid (preferably beer) between the two mugs. But the combinations of uses are only limited to your imagination. Put ice tea in one side and lemonade in the other for a fun Arnold Palmer. How about some vodka on one side and bloody Mary mix on the other for…well, a Bloody Mary! Perfect for tailgating, parties and hanging out in general, you will be the hit of the event with the Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug.

.308 Bullet Shot Glass


Tried and tested without MERCY, Lucky Shot USA brings you the SHOT GLASS that defied all odds. Individually handcrafted for superiority, embedded with unsurpassed precision for strength, this is no ordinary SHOT GLASS, Lucky Shot USA’s shot glass is… BULLETPROOF! That’s right, one shot will have you feeling bulletproof, even when your throwing back 100 proof! So, go ahead and take your BEST SHOT, and we’ll make it a BULLETPROOF SHOT! Made possible by the Bulletproof SHOT GLASS and Lucky Shot USA! This Shot Glass is embedded with a REAL .308 Bullet and is not dishwasher safe, please hand wash only. Please note, this glass is not bullet nor shatter proof.

Portable Draft Beer Dispenser


ENJOY A BETTER TASTE OF YOUR PINT – Whether you love Porter, Heineken, London Pride or Peroni beer, this home draft beer system will make your beers taste over the moon delish. This exclusive beer dispenser is a patent-pending beer system designed to change the taste and texture of your pint. It holds a standard can, bottle or growler, yet small enough to take it for the next rooftop party
BRINGS OUT THE FRESH TAP TASTE & FLAVOR TO YOUR HOME – We all know that fresh beer from the tap tastes better, and this portable beer dispenser is constructed to bring that drinking experience and flavor that you love. How it works? Belmint uses an engineered fluid mechanism and gas technology that enhances the texture, flavor and taste of your beer, just like if you were to a bar and get a draft beer, but built it with home use in mind.

Craft Beer Making Kit


Mr. Beer’s Premium Gold Edition Complete Craft Beer Making Kit provides aspiring brewers with our patented brewing equipment and high-quality ingredients that simplify the homebrewing process. Our patented brewing system includes a compact, lightweight fermenter that is modeled after the design of professional brewing equipment.

Dernord Beer Chiller


If your friends are over at your place and you forgot to put the beers in the fridge, BEER CHILLER Show Time.
If you are tired of messy ice bucket and after mess they create, BEER CHILLER Show Time.
If you are Looking for easy solution to make your beverage taste great, BEER CHILLER Show Time.

Double Beer Bong Bottle Funnel


12-Pack Drink Vest


Be the life of the party with this 12-pack bandolier vest. Conveniently holds 12 cans and adjusts to fit most. No more lugging your drinks to the next party or tailgate. By EZ Drinker.

Shot and Chaser Glass


It holds your favorite shot on top and your chaser on the bottom. Do your shot and chaser in one easy step, with no lag time in between. This ultimate shot/chaser tool will certainly spark some conversation at your next party. It’s a fun and interesting new way to party.

Hopside Down Beer Glass


Fred likes to glug his beer right from the bottle, but Mrs. Fred is appalled. So Fred went out and did something about it – he created this bottle-in-a-glass as an homage to real men like him.

Hopside Down is hand-blown, precisely crafted, and unexpectedly deluxe. Individually gift boxed. This glass is perfect for any occasion and will be sure to strike up a conversations at social gatherings. Fully enjoy your beer with this inverted bottle design beer glass while other people sip their beer from a regular beer glass or from the longneck beer bottles.

Cigar Glass


The two-vice device. A cigar lover’s dream. Part rocks glass, part cigar rest, Cigar Glass lets you hold your drink and cigar in the same hand at the same time without all the awkward finger fumbling. Perfect for parties on the patio, your man cave and anywhere you fancy a smoke and a nice glass of something smooth.

Wedge Whiskey Glass


Hello whiskey. Goodbye watered down. Take the edge off with Whiskey Wedge, a more artful way to enjoy your favorite spirits; perfectly chilled, but not watered down. The Whiskey Wedge is perfect for sipping Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, or Scotch. It keeps your pours of whiskey or other spirits at the perfect chilled temperature without diluting it down. After freezing, the large ice forms in the shape of a wedge on one side of the glass and, similar to a glacier, melts slowly due to its mass compared to smaller ice cubes.

The perfect gift for whiskey lovers and design enthusiasts, this innovative twist keeps cocktails cold from start to finish. Each unit contains one double old-fashioned whiskey glass and one silicone mold for freezing wedge of ice into glass. This new slant on whiskey sipping is the perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life this holiday season.

Beer Hanger


Do you want to have some space in your fridge? or Do you want something different to cool your jars and bottles? STRONGHOLD BOTTLE HANGER AND JAR HOLDER LOFT FRIDGE ORGANIZER is the perfect fit for your need. You can hang 6 metal top bottles and jars up and save some extra space to your fridge.

3D Skull Ice Cube


Create 4 large skulls each 1.6inch(40mm) by 1.8 inch (45mm).
Flexible easy remove and clean – Made of durable silicone, easily twisted or the ice can be pushed out from the bottom, releasing the ice cubes in seconds.
Safety – FDA food grade silicone, 100% BPA Free, Microwave safe, Oven safe, Dishwasher safe.
Endure temperature – from -40°F(-40°C)to 446°F(230°C) in order to satisfy your requirements.

Bierstick Beer Bong


Chug up to 24 ounces of beer in less than two seconds! The Bierstick is crafted from high-quality materials. Its durable, compact design makes it very discreet – small enough to fit in a backpack. The friction-fit mouthpiece allows for easy filling and cleaning, leaving zero mess. If you think you can drink, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Unbreakable Whiskey Glass Set


Unbreakable, unique, insulated, dishwasher safe stainless steel whiskey glasses in beautiful gift packaging.
Distinguish yourself & leave a legacy with the Spirit of Islay Whiskey Glass Set.
Will these keep my drink cool?
Yes – our glasses are constructed from premium grade, double wall insulated 18/8 stainless steel. Your drink will stay cooler, and ice will keep frozen for longer – giving you time to enjoy the perfect whiskey on the rocks. Another benefit of our dual layer construction is that it prevents condensation and sweating, keeping your hands comfortable.

Craft Beer Growler


The ukeg 64 growler keeps craft beer fresh.
Share your beer and homebrew with friends at parties and bbqs.
Easy to fill, easy to use, easy to clean.
64 oz. stainless steel bottle is vacuum insulated to keep beer cold all day.
Variable pressure regulation cap maintains perfect carbonation.

Build Your Muscles Beer Mug


Drink your brew and workout your muscles at the same time with the MugMuscles Beer Mug. No pain no gain. This mug builds your muscles with every sip. Results may vary.

It is the first beer mug with a built-in grip exerciser, which makes it perfect for “sippin’ ‘n rippin’”. This 20 oz. mug makes a perfect gift for weaklings who need bigger arms, or tough guys who can never have arms that are big enough.
Get ripped in more ways than one with this neat novelty mug.

Beer Tie


Keep your hands free with the perfect party accessory! The Bev Tie holds your beverage and keeps your hands free at parties, potlucks, tailgating, camping, kayaking, concerts…
Bev Tie, Beer Tie, Drink Holding Tie, Tie That Holds Your Beer, Beverage, Drink (Black) by Bev

12 Gauge Cartridge Shot Glass


A shot glass with a bang! Each pack is loaded with four red glasses worthy of any pump action shot gun. Sit down with a drinking partner, charge up each 12-gauge cartridge and then get ready to fire from both barrels! One thing’s for sure, you’re going to have a blast!

Wingman Shot Glass


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