You become the party brew-master with the 1571 Fahrenheit [1571F] Beer Caramelizer. A flash of heat from the Beer Caramelizer Stick reacts with the sugars in the beverage, creating a richer and smoother taste. Don’t be afraid to “ex-beer-iment!” The caramelizer will transform your campfires and adult beverages into a brand new “ex-beer-ience.”


The inception of the idea came when Forrest, had his beer “poked” with a hot poker at a beer festival and, he liked it. Being both a chemist and beer enthusiast, Forrest was fascinated with the science of it all. Logically, research was his next step. So, he engineered a rod that he could heat in the coals of a fire, with just the right surface area to quickly caramelize the sugars in the alcohol without warming a cold drink. And then, the ex-beer-imenting began. Friends and family were curious to sample favorite beers and campfire cocktails. The results were intriguing, and the process was undeniably fun.



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