Black Panther Handbag


LONG LIVE THE KING just ran a very timely piece on the Richest Superheroes and Villains in Marvel and DC Comics. And guess who scored that top slot? By a LOT, too. Turns out Vibranium’s a Very Good Thing to have.


And if you’re paying in Vibranium, you’ll have a lot of space in this purse left over for other things like tickets to the Black Panther movie and the new Nnedi Okorafor comic, because, at $10K a gram, you won’t need much of it. (Although we imagine making change could be a problem. *pays for a pack of gum with Vibranium*) The outside of this bag has metallic applique fashioned after the spike collar we see on T’Challa, and has debossed details. It’s an elegant choice for a fan of the richest superhero we know.



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