Bradley EONE – Stylish watch that can be read by touch


Modern design meets timeless character in the Bradley EONE. The Bradley timepiece features raised markers that allow you to feel the time by touch: a triangular marker for twelve, elongated line segments for three, six, and nine, and shorter line segments for the other markers.


Two magnetized ball bearings travel around the watch face in separate, recessed tracks: one track around the center of the watch face for the minute, and one track around the outside edge of the watch face for the hour allowing you to read time by feel.


This watch design is both stylish and functional that it can be used for individuals who are looking for a timepiece with solid and unique design to people who are visually impaired.

EONE Bradley was originally designed for people who are blind or visually impaired and have been forced to choose between unstylish, imprecise tactile watches, or intrusive talking watches that let everyone know when you’re checking the time. EONE Bradley was founded to solve this problem.

People often ask us if the Bradley timepiece is a watch for men or a watch for women.

In the watch industry, it’s standard practice for brands to assign gender to specific watches. But that’s not how we do things at Eone. A watch is a beautiful, functional piece of craftsmanship that everyone can enjoy. Why box people in?


The short answer? Their minimalist timepieces can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender expression. They like to explain their intentions behind what they design and how they handle marketing.

Rather than basing decisions on narrow ideas of what people want according to gender, they focus on the basics — they make watches with quality design, functionality, materials, and aesthetics. And when it comes to a specific watch, the consumer choose if it’s for them or not.


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