Piks – a creative toy to help kids develop concentration and imagination


Piks is a creative toy for children’s attention and concentration.

No doubt you’ve noticed how today’s children are less and less focused. Surrounded by smartphones, apps and video games, there’s been a quite an increase in behavioral issues.

This isn’t just an idea. Just as the following references show, many studies, theories and modalities have been created to help children in this phenomenon. Practices such as meditation, concentration or therapy through play are being proposed to help our children attain a calmer, more natural state of being and to help manage their emotions.


These techniques are really inspiring and we feel they should should be available to all children. And this is the inspiration behind Piks.

How does it work?

The aim of the Piks game is simple – to create the most original and impressive structure by positioning all of the pieces without any of it falling down.
By playing with Piks, children explore the intricacies of balance while decision-making, motor skills and imagination all come into play transforming the players into artists in a performance of concentration and skill.

The beneficial and educational aspects of Piks

Because we take playing seriously, this isn’t just a toy! Carefully designed, Piks offers many great educational skills and benefits for kids.

Attention and Concentration

Thanks to the playful, original combination of rubber cones and wooden boards, Piks offers kids the chance to explore the dynamics of balance and practice concentration through a fun activity

Motor Skills and Learning Process

During the construction process, players develop their motor skills, overcome challenges and discover their potential aptitudes. Through “trial and error” Piks gives kids the opportunity to fail and try again, learning from mistakes, learning mistakes are OK they are part of the process.
The more children play, it builds confidence as they enjoy building and increasing their motor skills.

Risk Taking, Decision Making and Emotional Control

Piks has endless construction possibilities! Thanks to the variety of pieces and shapes, but also thanks to its versatile construction possibilities, Piks enhances educational triggers such as: decision making, risk taking and emotional discipline. As they build, kids need to decide which pieces to take, why and where to place them. A fun exercise using real objects but mostly using the mind!

Self-Esteem, Reward and Pleasure

Why does Piks help kids feel better? Construction has always been a great activity for kids. Their original goal is to allow children to feel the power and satisfaction of achievement. Each step of the way, the players are rewarded by the balancing they’ve accomplished and excited by how much further they can go.

A Calm and Fun Activity

As planned, Piks is also a mix of a fun and calm activity. Through concentration, kids enjoy creative personal time playing alone or in a group.

Social Skills development and Collaboration

Indeed Piks isn’t only played alone! With Piks, children can play with other players helping them to improve their social skills.

Imagination and Creativity

There is more! Piks is a great catalyst for imagination too. The toy set includes cards to show kids several creative possibilities they can build and how to build them. These cards can be used as a complete exercise or a starting point. What’s important is kids get creative and build whatever they want to express or imagine: tower, animals, characters, castles etc.

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