Smart Battery Jump Starter


NOCO Genius Smart Battery Jump Starter are portable automatic battery chargers and maintainers for 6V, 12V & 24V lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Designed for charging a Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Personal Watercraft, Lawn Mower and much more.

Power to Spare


The UltraSafe lithium battery inside NOCO Genius Boost can deliver up to 20 full power jump starts per charge. Best of all, it’s protected by multiple levels of safety. Nothing happens if you touch the clamps together or hook up to a battery backwards. Boost not only provides a massive amount of power to start an engine, it also protects you from it.

Recharge USB Devices and Ultra-Bright Flashlight with SOS


A 2.1A USB OUT port that can be used to charge virtually any USB powered device, like a smartphone tablet, GPS and more. In addition, there is a 2.1A USB IN port that allows Boost to be recharged from any powered USB port, like a phone charger or laptop.

Whether you need light to change a tire, inspect an engine, or need to warn oncoming traffic that you are broken down on the side of the road, the ultra-bright dual LED flashlight in Boost have you covered. There are 7 built-in light modes, including SOS and emergency strobe.




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