Star Trek Schematic Illuminated Display


The Star trek Schematic Illuminated Display has two interchangeable, engraved, acrylic plates – one for TOS, one for TNG. (That’s “The Original Series” and “The Next Generation” for those of you found this page from somebody’s Wish List.) These plates sit on a base that’s powered either by USB or three AA batteries, depending on your setup. The base contains LED lights. These LED lights glow. These glowing LED lights make the engraved acrylic plates look like Trek props that we only dreamed of as kids.


When we were kids, pretending we were Captains of our own starships, we had to make up displays out of whatever was handy. Windows became view screens, radio dials became Uhura’s or Sulu’s console, and the single most uncomfortable chair in the house became the command seat.

We love being grown-ups that can make our own Trek toys.



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