What are the benefits of Amazon Prime membership and why you should seriously consider it?


Amazon has been the top online shopping site for years thanks to their top-notch online strategy and leading supply chain capabilities. They now sell over 100 million items online that over the years has changed the landscape of the retail industry. But what are the benefits of Amazon Prime and why people are signing up for it? Before I will answer that, let’s start with a short history.  

Amazon Prime was launched in 2005 originally as a paid subscription service that gives users access to free two day delivery on a monthly or yearly rate. But over the years they added Prime Video that features their own Prime Originals, Prime Reading and Prime Music which boosted the programs popularity. In the summer of 2018, Amazon launched Prime Day with frustration as the site wasn’t equipped to handle the influx of visitors.

However, given the rave about Amazon Prime, statically, it’s members is still only about a third of Amazon’s overall users which means that there are still millions of people out there who haven’t discovered the benefits of Amazon Prime membership.  

Amazon Prime has 4 main features:

Fast shipping for Amazon Prime marked items

Just look for the Amazon Prime icon and take advantage of their one or two day free shipping for purchases over $35 on eligible items.

Streaming Service

Watch popular movies and TV shows for free including their exclusive award-winning Amazon Originals like the Goliath, Sneaky Pete, and The Grand Tour.

As a Prime member, you can stream over 2 million songs ad free, and listen on any Echo device, and take your music anywhere with offline listening.

Get free in-game loot every month, plus exclusives, surprises, ad-free viewing, a free Twitch Channel subscription, and a discount on pre-order box games with Twitch.


Shop for exclusive brands and deals available only to Prime members.

Great for young families – Prime members save 20% off both diapers and baby food when they have 5 or more subscriptions arriving.

The simplest way to shop. Just ask Alexa when shopping for essentials and reordering your favorite items from Amazon.

Prime members read free

In-case you didn’t know, Amazon started off as an on-line bookstore so you can be sure that they have some of the largest collection of  e-books to fill your needs. As a Prime member, you can now read as much as you like from over a thousand top Kindle books, magazines, short works, books with Audible narration, comics, children’s books and more—all at no additional cost.  Prime members can also download one of six editors’ picks for free–before the official publication date and downloaded titles are yours to keep!

Earn more with Prime Rewards

Eligible Prime members can earn 5% back at Amazon.com using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or the Amazon Prime Store card. All Prime members earn 2% rewards with Amazon Prime Reload.

Unlimited, free photo storage

This is a must in our generation where paper photo albums are no longer commonly used. Back up and share your photos with unlimited photo storage. Add your photos to the free app to see them on all your devices.

And last but not the least…..


Amazon Prime currently offers two plans.  

Monthly plan for US$12.99

  • Prime Video  
  •  FREE Two-Day shipping  
  •  Unlimited music streaming  
  •  Unlimited photo storage  
  •  Unlimited reading  
  •  FREE Same-Day Delivery  

Yearly Plan for SU$119 (Best Value)

  • Prime Video  
  •  FREE Two-Day shipping  
  •  Unlimited music streaming  
  • Unlimited photo storage  
  • Unlimited reading  
  • FREE Same-Day Delivery  


At this price point, the benefits Amazon Prime is a great deal. Comparing it with other popular subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime offers video streaming service plus you get the many other features mentioned above where Netflix cant. Amazon Prime is a great all around subscription package and it’s a deal that people should consider when shopping for this type of services!



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