Wine Pearls



Ever wonder how to preserve the best aroma of your wine without keeping it to long in the freeze, then BlizeTec wine rocks are the solutions. Avoid the hassle of drinking wine that is too warm or too cold, now you can easily control your drinking experience with BlizeTec wine stones while sipping your favorite wine till the very last drop.

Sleek Design & Dilution FREE

A stylist replacement to cooler, wine stones can chill your beverage without suppressing nor diluting the wine flavor. BlizeTec wine stones are designed to elegantly complement any piece of barware and will not scratch your glassware. The products are made of quality 304 grade SS, they are convenient to carry and easy to store. Best of all, you can enjoy your favorite drink without drowning the quality of your drink.

Key Features & Benefits:

* Stainless steel chilling stones give you the most optimal drinking temperature for up to 30 minutes
* Sphere shape balls allow the wine to release its best aromas and flavors
* Control your desire drinking temperature preference by adding additional rocks while needed
* Can be used with any beverage that requires ice
* Quality assurance: Backed by a lifetime hassle free warranty

Simplify the Art of Wine Drinking

BlizeTec wine rocks are stylist and elegant in the glass. They are ideal for everything from family gatherings, house parties to backyard barbeques. The chilled rocks are filled with FDA approved freezing gel and are save to use. Perfect for your indoor and outdoor needs. BT398WR comes with a lifetime warranty to be free from any defection in material or workmanship. You can confidently invest in a trusted wine tools that will last for a lifetime.



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